Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S - ICS - Media Refresh Problem - SOLVED!!!

Many Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S users have updated their Android from Ginger bread to Ice Cream Sandwich. Sony has released this update, but most of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S users who updated their android has experienced the problem with media refreshing.

After doing the simple software update (from Ginger bread to Ice Cream Sandwich) Xperia Arc S performance seem to drop. Most of the Arc S users reported phone slowing down, auto restarting, problems with wireless connections, and one of the most annoying problem is media not refreshing. When they connected their Xperia Arc S to the computer via USB, and uploded songs, or pictures to their phone, Xperia Music Player simly doesn't "see" the uploaded songs, nor the Xperia Gallery "saw" the uploaded photos.

There are many applications on the google play that offer the service of media refreshing, but none of them solved this problem. The new uploaded media is just undiscoverable by the Xperia applications.

One of the solutions that occured was clearing data from the Media Storage application, then restarting the phone. This worked, but it is not practical to do this whenever a new media file is uploaded to your Xperia Arc S that is running on ICS. After you apply this solution, your media base is not usable for a certain amount of time (it takes time to update the data from the whole SD card again). The other thing is that, when you clear data from Media Storage, Xperia Arc S "forgets" all user settings related to media files, like altered ringtones, notification sounds, alarm sounds, etc.

Now we offer you the whole new, tested and fully working SOLUTION to Xperia Arc S ICS Media Refresh Problem.

Xperia Arc S ICS Media Refresh Problem SOLUTION:


The real solution to this problem is doing the FULL factory reset, with SD card formatting. Note, this is for users who have updated their android from Ginger bread to ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich).

Here is how to do that:

1. Make sure your battery is charged to more than 50%.
2. Backup your data - Don't forget to do the full backup. Backup your contacts, media files (pictures and music), and everything you wish to save, since this factory reset erases all data from your phone.
Note: All installed apps from google play will be deleted, and you will have to install them again!
3. After you have done the full backup, go to Menu->Settings->Backup&reset->Factory data reset.
4. Check the box "Erase SD card", and hit the button "Reset phone".
5. Wait for the Xperia Arc S phone to do the full reset, and the work is done!

After applying this solution, you will have to set up your phone again, upload music, pictures, and all the stuff you want, and you will NEVER have the media refresh problem again! Whenever you upload any type of media files to your phone, they will be instantly usable and visible to any Xperia application made for handling media files.

Side effects of this solution: users who applied this solution experienced an improvement in phone operating speed, and some have expeerienced the extended battery life.

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  1. do you have any idea which main file this process will delete? if we delete only that file then it would be safe for us and we don't need to format SD card. what you think?

    1. Sorry, but no. I am not an android coder, i have just been annoyed by this problem so long. I have searched all over the web to find the solution, but i could never find it. Like i wrote in the text, the only solution i was able to find was the one with media storage clearing, which was not practical since it clears all settings which included media files, plus it takes pretty much time for the phone to update the whole sd card all over again. I came to this solution since i had nothing else to try. It made some sense to me (since i am familiar with some general OS functionalities) and i tried it. I was thrilled after the phone finished fatory reset (with sc card erasing). It became much more responsive, all proceses become much faster, battery lasts a bit longer (but just a bit), and most important thing - it refreshes media files normally. Once you unplug USB cable, media files are visible in music player, or xpreia gallery. The same thing is with downloading files via bluetooth, or internet. The phone simply works as it should! Hope this was helpful :)

  2. This is so pathetic, Android problems are so often solved with a full factory reset and reinstall. After having had to do that twice, which user will ever buy a second Android phone again?
    The same solution is what's recommended for Exchange runaway processes (consumed my 1GB data plan in two days, and ran the battery down in six hours - now I have to manage without corporate email on my Android device).
    Such a bug-ridden OS!

    Thanks for the input though.

  3. please anyone help i have problem with my pone i bougt sony ericcson arc and its writtin LT15 in the back of the phone but when i connect it to sony companion its showes LT18 as arc S !!!! can anyone tell me why??? and its april of 2013 and still say u have the last update why??? i couldnt update to 4.0 android please anyone help this is my mail

  4. thanks guy!!!it really worked and my arc s performance improve a lot~~~

  5. Really good post! Hope there will be more good post here!lumia series

  6. i have a problem guys, can"t download any thing from the play store.. help plzz.